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*** Chocolate Gift Boxes ***

At Sugar Butter Flour, the art of chocolate making is expressed with every single hand-crafted piece. Unique, intriguing and decadent flavors blend smoothly with visual sensations, striking a perfect balance between traditional time-honored craftsmanship and modern culinary artistry.

Our chocolates are made by hand, using the finest liquors and fruits, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Each piece is designed to evoke a sense of surprise and delight.  We use uncommon flavor combinations and innovative preparation techniques to create exceptionally smooth textures and sensual quality.

Four Pieces
Gift Box
Nine Pieces
Gift Box
  Twelve Pieces
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Twenty Four Pieces
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*** Chocolate By the Piece ***

Baileys Heaven
Milk Chocolate and Baileys Liquor
White Grand Marinier
White Chocolate, Grand Marinier, Candied Oranges
  Hazelnut Triangle
Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Crunch

Peanut Butter Pyramid
Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter
Smooth Whisky
Dark Chocolate, Ganache and Whisky
  Pepper Mint
White Chocolate, Dark Ganache Infused with Mint

Passion Fruit
White Chocolate, Dark Ganache with Passion Fruit
Raspberry Heart
White Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate Ganache
  Earl Grey
Dark Chocolate, Infused with Early Grey Tea

Dark Grand Marinier
Dark Chocolate, Grand Marinier, Candied Oranges
Milk Chocolate Ganache & Caramel
Dark Chocolate Ganache Infused with Espresso

Classic Truffles
Dark Chocolate Rolled in Cocoa Powder
Cherry Brandy
Dark Chocolate with Brandy Soaked Cherries
Dark Chocolate, Candied Ginger

Almond Croquant
Caramelized Almonds Dipped in Dark Chocolate
Some items may not be available at all times. To order please call our store