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You can select one of the many designs we have already made, some of which are shown here, or ask for a completely new custom design. Please give us a call to get a quote for the cake of your dreams!

Many cake flavors and fillings are available. Click here for our flavors and fllings
All colors can be customized. Click here for our color scheme

Cakes for Food Lovers

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  Topsy Turvy Cupcake   Pizza Cake   Copper Pot Cake   Peanut Butter Sandwich Cake

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  Huge Pineapple Cake   Coke Can Cake   Jamba Juice Cake   Huge Icecream Cake

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Chinese Take Out Boxes

  Simpsons Donut   Hamburger and Fries   Huge Cupcake

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  Fake Pie Cake   Chef of the House   Golf and Wine   Wine Bottle Cake

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  Popsicle Cake   Halloween Pumpkin   All You Can Eat   Tequila Bottle

To order please call our Sunnyvale Or Campbell stores