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You can select one of the many designs we have already made, some of which are shown here, or ask for a completely new custom design. Please give us a call to get a quote for the cake of your dreams!

Many cake flavors and fillings are available. Click here for our flavors and fllings
All colors can be customized. Click here for our color scheme

Cartoons & Toys Cakes

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Large Mouse Cake

  Pooh and Honey   Steam Train Cake   Dora in Blue and Pink

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Harry Potter Castle

  Xbox 360 Cake   R2D2 Cake   Sponge Bob Cake

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  Skateboard Cake   Wall-E Cake   Guitar Hero Cake   Nintendo Power Cake

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  Spiderman Cake   Yellow Transformer Cake   Batman Forever   Elmo's Big Box of Fun

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  Huge Castle Cake   Game-Cube Cake   Barbie in Blue   Red Transformers Cake

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  Ocean Creatures   Hello Kitty Cake   Sea Kingdom   Jungle Rainbow

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  Cars Cake   Super Why Cake   Choco Train Cake   Turning One Cake

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  Animals Mountain   Queen of Fairies   Totoro Cake   Towing Truck Cake

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  Two Tiers Mouse Cake   Green Jungle   Pirates Cake   Mickey and Minnie

2 1 0 1
  Spiderman Topsy Turvy Cake   Dora in Purple and White   Doctor Seuss Cake   Elmo in a Box

1 1 1 2
  Robot Cake   Scary Skull Cake   Mad Hatter Topsy Turvy Cake   Roulette Table Cake

2 1 1 1
  Rubix Cube Cake   Toy Jet Plane   Colorful Jungle   Lightning McQueen

1 1 1 1
  Shrek and Fiona   Monsters vs Aliens   Cute Bunny Cake   Willy wonka Hat Cake

1 1 1 1
  Barbie in Pink   Little Einsteins   Sleep-over Night   Congo Bongo Game

i2 1 1 1
  Two Tiers with Pooh   Air Baloon Cake   Dinosaur Cake   Scruffy Cake

1 1 1 1
  Halo Mask Cake   Car Racing Cake   Pajama Party Cake   Two Tiers Hello Kitty Cake

1 i1 1 1
  Lego Cake   Poker Table Cake   Mickey's Club House Cake   Princess and the Frog Cake

0 1 1 1
  Pickachu   Red Sports Car Cake   Skull with a Rose Cake   Ariel Cake

To order please call our Sunnyvale Or Campbell stores