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You can select one of the many designs we have already made, some of which are shown here, or ask for a completely new custom design. Please give us a call to get a quote for the cake of your dreams!

Many cake flavors and fillings are available. Click here for our flavors and fllings
All colors can be customized. Click here for our color scheme

Birthday Cakes

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  Two Tiers Present Cake

  Artistic Elegance   Amazing Present Cake

  Black and White Patterns

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  Jungle Birthday Cake
  Fashion Girl Cake   Orange and White Present Cake
  Open Present Cake

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  Ivory & Purple Flowers
  Chocolate & Pink   Classic with Orchids
  Elegant Topsy Turvy with Orchids

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  Crazy Topsy Turvy

  Circus B-Day   Purple & Black Topsy Turvy
  Present in Black and White Cake

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  Bar Mitzvah Cake

  Burning Cake   Disco Dancing Cake
  Hennah Cake in Blue and Silver

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  Present in Green and Silver

  Birthday Cupcake Tower   Fancy Chocolate with Berries
  Brown on White with Flowers

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  Three Tiers Polka Dots
  Big Present Cake   Bouquet of Flowers Cake

  Classic with Orchids

0 0 0 3
  Chocolate Tiers with Ribbons

  Tea Pot Topsy Turvey   Two Tier Chocolate Truffle Cake
  Mini Tiered Cake

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  Eighteen Topsy Turvy

  Magic Birthday   Fancy Green Tiers
  Birthday in Black and White

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  Modern Art in Fondant
  Pink Celebration   Paisley and Orchids
  ChocoBerry (Two Tiers)

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  TopseY Turvy (round)

  Birthday Girl   Fondant Present Single Tier
  Birthday Kites

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  Pool Party Cake

  Butterflies   Dots and Bow
  Sweet 16

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  Green Leafs

  Blossom Birthday   Turning 50 Cake
  Beads & Flowers

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  Party Dress Cake

  Happy 40 in Black and Red   Topsy Turvey with Flowers
  Turning Seventy

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  Stars and Dots

  Happy 18!   Fourty Birthday
  Elegance in Turquoise

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  Colorful Present Cake

  White and Pink Tea Pot   Fifty Bday with Cats
  Topsy Turvy with Tiara

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  Leopard Present Cake

  Elegant Embroidery   Threee Tiers Pot and Flowers
  Five Tiers Pink Blossom

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  Purple Topsy Turvy Cake
  Festive Flowers   Green Stripes and Flowers

  Dramatic Four Tiers

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  5 Tiers Pillow Cake
  Leopard Cake   Golden Patterns
  New York Birthday Cake

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  Sweet Pea Cake
  Tea Party Mad Hatter Cake   Wild Tiger Cake
  Turning One Cake

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