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You can select one of the many designs we have already made, some of which are shown here, or ask for a completely new custom design. Please give us a call to get a quote for the cake of your dreams!

Many cake flavors and fillings are available. Click here for our flavors and fllings
All colors can be customized. Click here for our color scheme

Animals & Nature Cakes

1 0 0 1
  Ariel Cake   Dogs & Stroller Cake   Wild Tiger Cake   Jungle Birthday Party

0 0 0 3
  Chicks in a Basket   Tiger Cake   Bees and Ladybugs   Sea Turtle Cake

3 1 1 3
  Frogs Cake   Adorable Doggy   Dinosaur Cake   Horseshoe Topsy Turvy Cake

3 3 3 3
  Alice In Wonderland Cake   Farm Animals Topsy Turvy Cake   First Bday With Dolphin Cake   Four Hippos

1 1 1 1

Penguin Cake (3D)

  Little Duckies Cake   Pooh and Honey   Monkey Cake

1 1 1 1
  Flamingo Cake   Ocean Creatures   Feathers from a Peacock   Cutest Puppy Cake

1 1 1 1
  Animals Mountain (3 Tiers Cake)   Green Jungle   Little Piggies   Lazy Cats Cake

1 1 1 0
  Lady Bugs Cake   Jungle Rainbow   Sea Kingdom   2D Cow Cake

1 1 1 1
  Pickachu   Happy Caterpillar   Rat Cake   Hello Kitty Cake

1 1 1 1
  Colorful Kitten   Monkey With Banana   Pooh Cut Out   Bear Number One

1 1 1 1
  Turtle Cake   Frogies   Chicks   Colorful Jungle

1 1 1 0
  Scruffy Cake   Me and My Animals   Zebra Stripes   Bee Hive Cake

To order please call our Sunnyvale Or Campbell stores