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Sugar Butter Flour is capable of producing "one off" custom cakes for special occasions per your request. We welcome even the "craziest" cake ideas, and our crew of bakers-artists takes pride in creating some of the most intricate and complicated cake creations. You can select one of the many designs we have already made, some of which are shown here, or ask for a completely new custom design. Please give us a call to get a quote for the cake of your dreams!

Many cake flavors and fillings are available. Click here for our flavors and fllings
All colors can be customized. Click here for our color scheme

*** Objects of Desire ***

  Marc Jacob's Bag Cake

  Jimmy Choo Shoe Cake   Turquoise Coach Purse Cake

  Electric Guitar Cake

  Aylormade Golf Bag Cake
  Paris Shoe Box Cake   Cutest Puppy Cake

  Tesla Sports Car Cake

  Fancy Designer Bag Cake
  Xbox 360 Cake   Steve Madden Shoe Box Cake

  Chanel Bag Cake

0 0
  White Yacht Cake

  Nikkon Camera Cake   Pink Golf Bag

  iPhone Cake

  Drums Set Cake

  Cowboy Boot Cake   DJ Station Cake

  Slot Machine Cake

  Mini Cooper Cake

  Adorable Doggy Cake   Engagement Ring Cake

  Red Porsche Cake

0 0 1 1
  Beetle Car Cake

  Jackpot Cake   Mad Hatter Topsy Turvy Cake
  Golf and Wine

  Burberry Purse Cake
  Golf Gear Cake   Magic Moment Cake
  Tiffany's Box Cake

  0 0  
  Classic Camera Cake   Fashion Girl Cake

*** Birthday Cakes ***

1 0 0 0
  Two Tiers Present Cake

  Artistic Elegance   Amazing Present Cake

  Black and White Patterns

0 0 0 0
  Jungle Birthday Cake
  Fashion Girl Cake   Orange and White Present Cake
  Open Present Cake

img1 i3 i4 i4
  Ivory & Purple Flowers
  Chocolate & Pink   Classic with Orchids
  Elegant Topsy Turvy with Orchids

0 0 0 0
  Crazy Topsy Turvy

  Circus B-Day   Purple & Black Topsy Turvy
  Present in Black and White Cake

1 1 4 4
  Bar Mitzvah Cake

  Burning Cake   Disco Dancing Cake
  Hennah Cake in Blue and Silver

  Present in Green and Silver

  Birthday Cupcake Tower   Fancy Chocolate with Berries
  Brown on White with Flowers

0 0 0 i4
  Three Tiers Polka Dots
  Big Present Cake   Bouquet of Flowers Cake

  Classic with Orchids

  Chocolate Tiers with Ribbons

  Tea Pot Topsy Turvey   Two Tier Chocolate Truffle Cake
  Mini Tiered Cake

  Eighteen Topsy Turvy

  Magic Birthday   Fancy Green Tiers
  Birthday in Black and White

i4 i4
  Modern Art in Fondant
  Pink Celebration   Paisley and Orchids
  ChocoBerry (Two Tiers)

  TopseY Turvy (round)

  Birthday Girl   Fondant Present Single Tier
  Birthday Kites

  Pool Party Cake

  Butterflies   Dots and Bow
  Sweet 16

  Green Leafs

  Blossom Birthday   Turning 50 Cake
  Beads & Flowers

  Party Dress Cake

  Happy 40 in Black and Red   Topsy Turvey with Flowers
  Turning Seventy

  Stars and Dots

  Happy 18!   Fourty Birthday
  Elegance in Turquoise

  Colorful Present Cake

  White and Pink Tea Pot   Fifty Bday with Cats
  Topsy Turvy with Tiara

0 1 2 img1
  Leopard Present Cake

  Elegant Embroidery   Threee Tiers Pot and Flowers
  Five Tiers Pink Blossom

0 0 0 i3
  Purple Topsy Turvy Cake
  Festive Flowers   Green Stripes and Flowers

  Dramatic Four Tiers

0 0 0 0
  5 Tiers Pillow Cake
  Leopard Cake   Golden Patterns
  New York Birthday Cake

0 0 0 0
  Sweet Pea Cake
  Tea Party Mad Hatter Cake   Wild Tiger Cake
  Turning One Cake

*** Princess Cakes ***


Crown Princess Cake

  Princess in Pink   Queen in Blue   Ultimate Princess Cake


Princess Castle

  Dora in Blue and Pink   Queen of Fairies   Princess with Tiara

i 0

Pillow and Crown Cake

  Crown with Dots   Birthday Crown on Pillows   Birthday Prince Cake

1 1  

Princess and the Frog Cake

  Ariel Cake   Dora in Purple and White    

*** Love & Romance ***


Lovey Dovey Cake

  For Ever and Ever   Togetherness Cake   Engagement Ring Cake


Penguins in Love

  Love Cupcake Tower   Hearts & Tatoos   Two Tier Heart Cake

0 0

Love & Family Cake

  Happy Anniversary Cake   Shrek and Fiona   Expecting with Love

*** Celebration of Flowers & Fruits ***


Elegant Tiers with Cherries

  Brown on White with Flowers   Sun Flowers   Hawaiian Flowers

img1 i3 i4 i4
  Ivory & Purple Flowers
  Chocolate & Pink   Classic with Orchids
  Elegant Topsy Turvy with Orchids


Flowery Present

  Artistic Elegance   Amazing Purple Flowers   Golden Leafs


Four Tiers Dark Bloom

  Elegant with Flowers   Orchids   Elegant Blossom


Three Tiers Pink on Green

  Orange Flowers   Purple Blossom on White   Paisley and Orchids


Butter Cream and Roses

  Blossom in Pink and Green   Chinese Red and Gold   Strawberry Fields Forever


Green Leafs

  Red Flowers on White   Butter Cream and Berries   Pinks Hawaiian Party Cake


Pink Blossom

  Flower Power   Honey Bees and Flowers   Pot with Flowers


Five Tiers Pink Blossom

  Two Tiers with Flowers   Five Tiers with Flowers and Ribbon   Elegance in Black and White

3 4 2 1

Four Tiers Golden Leaves

  Butter Cream Red Flowers   Square Purple Blossom   Square Peach Roses

4 4 2 2

Two Tiers Red and Black

  Elegant Blue Blossom   Flower Drapes   Threee Tiers Pot and Flowers

4 4 4 4

Four Tiers Red and Black Cake

  Hot Pink with Flowers Cake   Pink Blossom Cake   Pink Flowers Square Cake

i3 4 4 0

Dramatic Four Tiers

  Three Tiers Gold and Purple Cake   2D Xmas Tree Cake   Green Stripes and Flowers

0 0 0 0

Bouquet of Flowers

  Winery Wedding   Sweet Pea Cake
  Huge Pineapple Cake

*** Ethnic Themes ***


Chinese Take Out Boxes

  Lucky Bamboo   Henna Cake   Pillows Cake

  0 0  


  Chinese Red and Gold   Turning Seventy    

*** Ocean ***


California Coast

  Gondola Cake   Ocean Dream   Sea Shells

3 3

Birthday With a Whale Cake

  White Yacht   Swimming in the Pond   Submarine Cake

  3 1  


  Sea Turtle Cake   Ariel Cake    

*** Animals ***

1 0 0 0
  Ariel Cake   Dogs & Stroller Cake   Wild Tiger Cake   Jungle Birthday Party

0 0 0 3
  Chicks in a Basket   Tiger Cake   Bees and Ladybugs   Sea Turtle Cake

3 1 1 3
  Frogs Cake   Adorable Doggy   Dinosaur Cake   Horseshoe Topsy Turvy Cake

3 3 3 3
  Alice In Wonderland Cake   Farm Animals Topsy Turvy Cake   First Bday With Dolphin Cake   Four Hippos


Penguin Cake (3D)

  Little Duckies Cake   Pooh and Honey   Monkey Cake

  Flamingo Cake   Ocean Creatures   Feathers from a Peacock   Cutest Puppy Cake

  Animals Mountain (3 Tiers Cake)   Green Jungle   Little Piggies   Lazy Cats Cake

  Lady Bugs Cake   Jungle Rainbow   Sea Kingdom   2D Cow Cake

  Pickachu   Happy Caterpillar   Rat Cake   Hello Kitty Cake

  Colorful Kitten   Monkey With Banana   Pooh Cut Out   Bear Number One

  Turtle Cake   Frogies   Chicks   Colorful Jungle

1 0
  Scruffy Cake   Me and My Animals   Zebra Stripes   Bee Hive Cake

*** Cartoons & Toys ***


Large Mouse Cake

  Pooh and Honey   Steam Train Cake   Dora in Blue and Pink


Harry Potter Castle

  Xbox 360 Cake   R2D2 Cake   Sponge Bob Cake

  Skateboard Cake   Wall-E Cake   Guitar Hero Cake   Nintendo Power Cake

  Spiderman Cake   Yellow Transformer Cake   Batman Forever   Elmo's Big Box of Fun

  Huge Castle Cake   Game-Cube Cake   Barbie in Blue   Red Transformers Cake

  Ocean Creatures   Hello Kitty Cake   Sea Kingdom   Jungle Rainbow

0 0 0 0
  Cars Cake   Super Why Cake   Choco Train Cake   Turning One Cake

  Animals Mountain   Queen of Fairies   Totoro Cake   Towing Truck Cake

  Two Tiers Mouse Cake   Green Jungle   Pirates Cake   Mickey and Minnie

2 0
  Spiderman Topsy Turvy Cake   Dora in Purple and White   Doctor Seuss Cake   Elmo in a Box

1 2
  Robot Cake   Scary Skull Cake   Mad Hatter Topsy Turvy Cake   Roulette Table Cake

  Rubix Cube Cake   Toy Jet Plane   Colorful Jungle   Lightning McQueen

  Shrek and Fiona   Monsters vs Aliens   Cute Bunny Cake   Willy wonka Hat Cake

  Barbie in Pink   Little Einsteins   Sleep-over Night   Congo Bongo Game

i2 1
  Two Tiers with Pooh   Air Baloon Cake   Dinosaur Cake   Scruffy Cake

1 1 1 1
  Halo Mask Cake   Car Racing Cake   Pajama Party Cake   Two Tiers Hello Kitty Cake

1 i1 1 1
  Lego Cake   Poker Table Cake   Mickey's Club House Cake   Princess and the Frog Cake

0 0 0 1
  Pickachu   Red Sports Car Cake   Skull with a Rose Cake   Ariel Cake

*** Baby Shower Cakes ***

0 0 0

Babt Girl Cake

  Expecting Mom Cake   Expecting with Love   Mom with Presents


Dogs and Stroller Cake

  Baby Shower Cupcake Tower   Baby Shower Invitation   Baby Boxes


Baby Cubes

  Welcome Baby   Sweet Baby with Duck   Baby Stroller Cake

3 0 0 0

First Bday With Whale Cake

  Baby Ratlles Cake   First Bday Baby Blocks Cake   Boy Oh Boy!

3 i4 i4 i4

Mini Tiered Cake

  Modern Art in Fondant   Paisley and Orchids   Two Tiers Welcome Baby Cake

0 0 0  

Diaper Cake

  Babies & Bunnies   Baby Steps Cake    

*** Graduation Cakes ***


Brainiac Cake

  Graduation Present   Burn Those Books!   Culinary School Grad

0 0

Book Cake

  Grad Student Cake   Graduation Hat Cake   Med School Grad

*** Sports ***

0 0

Gondola Cake

  Football Helmet Cake   Basketball Cake   Pink Golf Bag

0 2 0

Aylormade Golf Bag Cake

  Tennis Racquet Cake   Rev That Engine!   All Sports Cake


Tesla Sports Car

  White Yacht   Olympics   Golf Gear Cake


Chevy SS Cake

  3D Footbal Cake   We Are the Champions   Ski Slopes


Extreme Breakdance Cake

  Surfer Cake   Red Porsche   Mountain Hiking

i1 0

Golf Course

  Poker Cake   Sport Car Cake   49ers Football Helmet Cake

i1 i1 2 1

Sport Fans Cake

  Poker Table Cake   Roulette Table Cake   Golf and Wine


Soccer Champions

  Bicycle Cake   Red Wings Shirt    

*** Food & Beverages ***

i 0 0 0
  Topsy Turvy Cupcake   Pizza Cake   Copper Pot Cake   Peanut Butter Sandwich Cake

0 0 0 0
  Huge Pineapple Cake   Coke Can Cake   Jamba Juice Cake   Huge Icecream Cake


Chinese Take Out Boxes

  Simpsons Donut   Hamburger and Fries   Huge Cupcake

  Fake Pie Cake   Chef of the House   Golf and Wine   Wine Bottle Cake

  Popsicle Cake   Halloween Pumpkin   All You Can Eat   Tequila Bottle

*** Music ***

0 1 1 3

Drums Set Cake

  DJ Station Cake   Drum Cake   Guiter Hero Cake

0 0 0  

Electric Guitar Cake

  Musical Cake   Topsy Turvy Music Cake    

*** Corporate Cakes ***

0 0

Paypal Phone

  Samsung $10 Billion Sales Cake   MSN Cake   Applied Materials



  AmeriCorp   Juniper Networks   Citibank Laptop


Diet Pepsi Cake

  FDA Approved Medicine   Noren Products Inc    

*** All Others ***


Fire Station Cake

  Ash Tray Cake   Mystery Machine Cake   Solar System Cake


Bikini Cake

  Slot Machine Cake   Big Rig Cake   San Francisco Skyline

0 3 3 0

Colosseum Cake

  Boo! Cake   Cream Puff Tower   Skull with a Rose Cake

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